3 new gay-friendly webseries

In Notas Aparte Season 2, we follow Sara and Helena, right after the finale of season one. Are they together? Does Helena still have a girlfriend? Will Sara pass her exam? In line with the commitments made by Alba and Anna (the creators) the series keep sending a positive message and hopefully they’ll be able to reach more people with the same humoristic touch. Notas Aparte brings you a feel-good comedy representing a lesbian couple in Spain.

Strangers is a comedic webseries directed by Mia Lidofsky. Isobel decides to rent out her spare bedroom in order to generate much-needed extra income after a messy and painful breakup. With the help of her best friend, she navigates the most emotionally, sexually and professionally complicated time of her life, while hosting a constant stream of new guests. Strangers is a coming-out-of-age story about finding yourself. Whoever that is. Note: only the first episode is embed here, you can watch the entire first season of Stangers on Facebook.

Twenty is a webseries written and directed by Lily Richards and produced by Caitlin Combe. Here is a synopsis: «It follows the story of Maya, a gay 21 year old musician, who struggles to break her patterns of whirlwind romances while serving as the shoulder to lean on for a group of eclectic friends, who offer little in return. Twenty examines the comedic complexities of interpersonal relationships, focusing on the stories of women and more specifically, LGBT women. Why do we stay in uncomfortable situations? Why do we drive hours out of our way for our friends? Why do we persevere in our passions? Why do we love who we love?»

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