A Million Happy Nows (2018) lesbian movie

A Million Happy Nows is a 2018 American independent drama film written by Marisa Calin and directed by Albert Alarr. The film stars Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia as a lesbian couple dealing with the diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s. Chappell plays Lainey Allen. Here is a synopsis: Lainey is diagnosed with familial early onset Alzheimer’s and as soon becomes clear, she knew more than she was letting on. Whether to protect Eva from having to live with knowledge of the possibility like she has, or in an attempt to preserve the image she has spent a lifetime creating, the women struggle with changing identities and whether to share the news. With Eva’s insistence that Lainey can experience happiness even if she can’t retain why, they embark on an effort to live in the moment. With good days and bad, and Eva’s years of dedication, it takes the insight of friends for her to learn that she will need to say when enough is enough. Touching on role reversal, identity and perception, A Million Happy Nows chronicles the power of love, positivity and that to relinquish control can be liberating.

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