Affäre Zu Dritt (2003) lesbian movie

Affäre Zu Dritt is a lesbian-themed german romance directed by Josh Broecker. Katrin, a police doctor, and Max a criminal inspector seem to lead a happy marriage and both work for the Munich Criminal Police. Obviously, in the course of the marriage, a certain amount of routine creeps in, both privately and professionally. During a medical recruitment test, Katrin meets Franziska, and gets a magical sensation. Something seems to excite her about this woman, she feels almost attracted to her. What Katrin can’t guess at this point is that she has a tragic past behind her because of a traffic accident in which her husband was killed, she suffers from mental health problems behind her trying to hide her cool-looking facade. However, everything comes up again in Franziska, as she drives a joint mission with Max and sinks with him in a haystack. To make matters worse, that she also recognizes that she has developed feelings to Katrin, but at the same time to Max, who in turn, despite his marriage to Katrin, also takes a liking to Franziska. Thus, the story ends in a delicate, partly romantic, partly erotic relationship. Katrin & Franziska are portrayed by Nadeshda Brennicke & Sophie von Kessel.

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