Affinity (2008) lesbian movie

Affinity is a romantic drama created by Andrew Davies and Tim Fywell. The story is based on the eponym novel of Sarah Waters. The film is set in Victorian England; the story of an upper-class woman, Margaret (Anna Madeley), who becomes an official “Visitor” to a woman’s prison; however, she becomes emotionally attached to one of the inmates, Selina (Zoe Tapper). As the story progresses through Selina’s shady background, and Margaret’s dislike of her home life; a plot to break out of the prison develops. But just what the plan is, and who calls the shots is yet to be discovered. Selina and Margaret are portrayed by Zoë Tapper and Anna Madeley.

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  1. Pop P. says:

    Mystery, interesting and worth for watching.
    Love is powerful and always beautiful.

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