Alana and Margot from Hannibal

FBI profiler Will Graham is recruited by Jack Crawford, the head of Behavioral Sciences, to help investigate a serial killer in Minnesota. With the investigation weighing heavily on Graham, Crawford decides to have him supervised by psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Initially, Lecter – who is secretly a cannibalistic serial killer – works to manipulate the FBI from within, but the bonds he builds with Graham begin to threaten his longevity. Lecter is fascinated by Graham’s ability to empathize with psychopathic murderers, and tries to push the boundaries of Graham’s fragile sanity in order to turn him into a killer himself. Alana Bloom and Margot Verger are portrayed by Caroline Dhavernas and Katharine Isabelle.

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    This was so unexpected and great when I was watching Hannibal!

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