Alex and Maggie in Supergirl (2.04) another date!

In the fourth episode of Supergirl called Survivors, Maggie leads Alex a little deeper into the alien world, I mean for professional reasons, of course. After having contacted each other by phone to discover a crime scene, the two women meet up in front of a secret fight club and continue their investigations. They start by flirting at the entrance, obviously, before holding hands and enter the great hall, where all masked guests gathered. There, they meet Roulette for the first time and the underground battles begin. Spoiler alert: Alex seems increasingly interested in Maggie, she even tries to make a move on her at the end but she gets interrupted by the random appearance of Maggie’s girlfriend/date, the girl is shown on screen less than five seconds so don’t get too exited! It looks like Alex will have to deal with jealousy for a while, unfortunatly, but it was a nice episode. Note: fanmades will probably be added during the week.

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