Alex and Maggie in Supergirl: a little pink in the sky lightens the heart

In the fifth episode of Supergirl called Crossfire, Alex begins to develop an obsession for Maggie, she just can’t stop herself from thinking about her crush. Spoiler alert: when she learns that Maggie has been dumped by her girlfriend, our heroine genuinely tries to comfort her friend. She invites Maggie out in order to take her mind off this unfortunate interlude. But she receives a rather cold response from the latter who isn’t ready for this yet, naturally, and is also afraid of the runaround. Alex is immediately pushed into a corner and kindly unmasked by Maggie, which make her feel obliged to say “no” when Detective Sawyer suggests her that she might be into girls after all *sigh*. Tormented by this disastrous interaction, Alex then tries to confide in her sister but she gets interrupted by the emergence of Lena, precisely when she is about to reveal her closeted feelings for Maggie to Kara *grrr, what the hell Miss Luthor, I mean you’re cute and all but go away!*. Fortunately, your frustration will quickly fade when you’ll see Alex courageously come out to Maggie in their final scene, and leave the bar right after. This episode was fantastic, and by fantastic I mean seriously gay! Can you even believe what just happened? Their relationship is already meaningful, no matter what comes next.

6 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    Her eye’s say yes, her face says I don’t know but her mouth says no.

  2. Mint says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode

  3. Canon_shipper says:

    Ship them very hard tho..cant wait for the next episode! #sanvers

  4. Mikayla says:

    I was watching it with my family and I got so damn happy it was a serious struggle to not accidently out myself

  5. Wintel says:

    Maggie is causing so much trouble. I would like to see her think about someone else for once.

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