Ally Hills and Stevie Boebi

In the small connected lesbian sphere actually growing on the internet, I found so much hype around two beautiful and famous youtubers known as Stevie and Ally. They are (the appropriate word is “were” because they are dating now) both friends and vloggers, they do videos like answering Q&A, giving relationship advice, challanges or random music video clips; and most of the time, all their online activities are related to sapphism because they love women and they are proud to openly show it to the world. Recently, a lot of fans noticed that they appear together very often lately and did a lot of flirty collabs. If you want to follow them on social media, you can travel to Ally’s tumblr or explore Stevie’s instagram.

2 Responses

  1. flow says:

    gr8 page!

  2. Shel says:

    And now they’re not, lol

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