Amber Closet, vlog channel on youtube

I would like to present you the vlog channel of Amber, Known as Amber Closet on youtube. She is a young, beautiful and proud woman of colour living in L.A with her girlfriend Kiarra. She define herself as Stem attracted to Fem. I love her energy, her creativity and the way she opens herself to the audience. Her videos quickly evolved from a classic corresponce format with challenge and Q&A to a more intimate daily vlogging of her couple’s life. So, as the title says and as you can imagine, the two girls are lesbians with a free spirit and seem very picky. I really enjoyed her Girl of the month serie where she invited us to meet a random woman she likes or just want to promote because she found her activty interesting. Ther is way to many sexy kittens in her life, good social vibes. You can find more info about Amber and her social links on YT.

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