An Ode to Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Let’s talk about Portrait of a Lady on Fire till the sun rises. Céline Sciamma’s film is a slow-burn romance between a painter and her subject, gazing at each other until they see one another. It explores power dynamics within a group of women of different status in 18th-century Britanny, France, and by turning the myth of Orpheus into Eurydice’s legend, it exhibits what falling in love on equal terms can essentially reveals: the substance of a relationship. Marianne and Héloïse release each other at the very moment when social conventions lock them in their gender role forever. The film ultimatly shows the triumph of art over life and death. There is no muse in Céline’s movie because The Muse precedes and fuses this work since the dawn of time. In short, Portrait de la jeune fille en feu is a lesbian film. This playlist is a collection of fanvids we like.

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