Jasmin and Lily in Anna und die Liebe

Anna und die Liebe (Anna and the Love) is the eleventh Telenovela made in Germany. It has aired since 25 August 2008 on German channel Sat.1 and Austrian Channel ORF 1. The first season revolved around Anna and Jonas. Jeanette Biedermann took a break from the show, to focus on her music career, with her new album. Due to its ratings success, Sat.1 ordered more episodes. Since its launch, the telenovela had four seasons (consecutively). Each season would focus on the protagonist (not necessarily Anna) and their “love”. The second season was mainly about Mia and Alexander. Third season (with Jeanette Biedermann’s return to the show) centered on Anna with Tom and Enrique. Fourth and final season is with Nina and Luca. The F/F couple shown below is formed by Jasmin & Lily, respectively portrayed by Lilli Hollunder and Jil Funke.

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