Anni and Jasmin in GZSZ, lesbian scene

Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (English: Good Times, Bad Times) is a long-running German television soap opera, first broadcast on RTL in 1992. The programme concerns the lives of a fictional neighborhood in Germany’s capital city Berlin. Over the years the soap opera tends to have an overhaul of young people in their late teens and early twenties, targeting a young viewership. NB: the playlist is currently unavailable and has been replaced by a clip.

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  1. B Horrigan says:

    The gszs video is not playing please help

  2. hannah says:

    any way these scenes can be uploaded and shared NOT on youtube??

  3. Nourhan says:

    where can i watch their storyline in english subtitles please ??

  4. Neak kru vy says:

    M crying now.. :'( wanna wanna watch this movie… where can I find it??? M from cambodian.

  5. Not bad says:

    I know really very little about the internet, but I find it almost impossible to think I can not watch this with english sub. Wow!! If someone knows something, please let me know. I want to watch this so badly. Thanks

  6. Sam says:

    like it alot ,, any one Have Like For this with English subs. Please

  7. Charl Flores says:

    I want to watch this badly. Can anybody help me ? Where i cant watch all episode ? Please.

  8. Nirachala says:

    I like it … any one Have For this with English subs. please

  9. Ciara Beckom says:

    It sucks that you can’t watch this show anywhere and it sucks that the writers broke up anni and jasmine.

  10. Jnxxi says:

    I enjoy the info you put out. Am also a consumete intaker of all things lesbian themed. Being an older lesbian having spent eons of time searching pre and infant internet its wonderful to have this to refer to. Pointedly though I am as you also mentioned having a hell of a time trying to find Why George. Would love to see this one if anyone can point me in a direction I would be ever so overjoyed

  11. tina says:

    Some one is putting up the complete story line in english up on YouTube again, there up to episode 90 and daily adding a newepisode there YouTube name is Mi mundo les the link is
    heres the link to episode 90

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