Astrid and Lagertha’s romance in Vikings Season 4 Returns November 30, 2016

A new female character named Astrid will be introduced to us in Vikings Season 4 Returns coming this fall. She is likely to become an important part of Lagertha’s life after the mighty warrior was betrayed by all people around her. There is an interesting article on Entertainment Weekly considering a strong and healthy relationship between these two women, which could restore Lagertha’s confidence in love and faithfulness. We do not know much about the future dynamic of this specific duo, but the rumor is supported by a trailer showing a German student existentialist called Astrid Kirchherr (Josefin Asplund) alongside the respected shieldmaiden Lagertha Lothbrok (Katheryn Winnick). In fact the teaser briefly shows them together while they are about to kiss. The playlist also features a clip from the fourth season debut to refresh our memory on Lagertha’s position among Vikings.

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  1. Dennis Hausker says:

    Interesting topic. I don’t mind a little spicy in programming.

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