First look at Awol

Awol is a feature film created by Deb Shoval and Karolina Waclawiak. The story is based and built from the award-winning eponym short work written and directed by Deb Shoval. Here is the synopsis: Lola Kirke shines as Joey, an aimless young woman searching for a direction in her small town of rural Pennsylvania. A visit to an Army recruiting office appears to provide her a path but when she meets and falls in love with Rayna (Breeda Wool), a rough and tumble housewife neglected by her long-haul trucker husband, that path diverges in ways that neither woman anticipated. As Joey falls deeper in love, she begins to lose sight of what’s most important to her, while also becoming blind to the mistakes she is making. The movie Awol may be distributed this year (source) it all depends on whether the team finds a partner.

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