Barash (2015) lesbian film

Barash is an Israeli drama written and directed by Michal Vinik. Naama Barash is a 17 years old schoolgirl. Her hobbies include alcohol, drugs and hanging out with friends who share the same superficial ideas on life. All her activities serve as a pretexte to forget the violent disputes of her parents since the disappearance of her rebellious and army-enrolled sister. When a new student arrive at school, Namma is immediately intrigued by the enigmatic girl and fall in love for the first time. This powerful experience will confuse Barash to the point of giving a new direction to her meaningless existence. Naaama Barash and Dana Hershko are portrayed by Sivan Noam Shimon and Hadas Jade Sakori. This lesbian-themed film is a lama production.

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  1. toufik madrid says:

    very very nice

  2. tina says:

    anyone knows where can i watch this movie online?

  3. Bianca says:

    Where can I watch this movie online?

    • Emma says:

      You can’t watch this movie online yet, the film will be featured again when it will be available in VOD

  4. Jess says:

    How long till it’s online i really wanna watch this

  5. Shir says:

    Someone know when it will be online?

  6. Toomuch says:

    Hello, does someone knows where I can watch this movie? I didnt find it anywhere 🙁 I really wanto to see it.

  7. Youre says:

    The only place I’ve found it is, however doesn’t look to be possible to rent it unless you’re actually from the UK. Am hoping someone from the UK makes it available, otherwise that a distributor is picked up for other countries. I’d love to see it but it’s not available in Canada.

  8. Asli says:

    Hi, does anybody know if it’s released yet? We cannot find it anywhere online. Especially when you are outside EU.

  9. Toomuch says:

    Thank you guys! Im not from UK, Im from Portugal.. If someone have access to this movie please share with us 🙂

  10. Olga Linman says:

    Wolfe Video will distribute the movie in US in Feb. 07, 2017:

  11. PP says:

    I already watch it here, enjoy! (pd. I hated the end even that nobodies dies here) [hidden link]

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