Bianca & Sara, lesbian wedding in California

Bianca and Sara celebrated their wedding on December 31, 2015 in Las Olivias Estate, Rancho Santa Fe. The brides have chosen an ideal location to invite their friends & family, indeed, Las Olivias is a causy place, a peaceful landscaped private grounds including two built in bars, a magnificent theatre, a pool, an outdoor kitchen and a ravishing living space. In this artistic film immortalized by Lisa Hadley Studios, we are invited to attend their union and follow the joyful event through the eyes of their relatives. For the anecdote, Bianca & Sara met in 2007 while studying abroad and quickly became close friends. 24 months later, they proposed to each other on New Year’s Eve. They share a mutual thing for bubbles, Michael Jackson and the San Diego Chargers. They both seem to be very supportive of each other and inspired by their respective views on life. As Bianca said in her vows, they “do not complete each other, but compliment each other.” It remains only to wish them a happy life together. Congratulations!

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