Sarah and Willow in Big Brother Canada

It happened as an unexpected bomb, after a few weeks locked in the luxurious house of Big Brother Canada Season 3 (2015), Sarah and Willow started to get closer mainly for two reasons, the first one is that they need allies in the house to be protected from eviction and the second one is that they got into it pretty slowly and clearly fancy each other now. So, as always in a reality tv show, we are all afraid about the showmance but the love of this amazing lesbian couple is way to cute to not be legit. If you want to know more about the context and how it all begins, you can read the big drama thread here. The sensuality of their first kiss was addictive enough to make this season interesting. The good thing is that there is a live feed of Big Brother, it is not always up but you can see the participants almost 24/7. If you don’t live in Canada, you have to use a VPN to access the stream. Cute and happy girls ♥

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  1. elma anino says:

    Very nice! and i’m interesting in this show BBCN

  2. Heike Müller says:

    Der Einzug und der Auszug von Willow und das Finale von Sarah

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