Brides to Be, a series of three interviews with Carollani Sandberg and Angela DiMarco

As you may already know, the movie Brides to Be will be available in VOD July 1st of this year, which means in ten days from now. In order to give you more insight into the scenario and become familiar with the characters, First Sight Productions recently shared three interviews on Vimeo with Carollani Sandberg and Angela DiMarco. The actresses talk about their roles behind the scenes and tell us how they envisioned their work on set. Note that you will aslo be able to watch exclusive previews from the film. So, lets get into the subtance of this motion picture.

In this clip, Carollani Sandberg talks about how she feel about playing Jenna in a supernatural thriller about love and why this piece is so special for her because of its theme. Brides to Be was her first cinematographic experience featured as a main character. Exclusive scenes included.

This video is featuring the two leading stars of Brides to Be while they are talking about how much fun they had playing Robin & Jenna. This is a good opportunity to see how close they are to one another in real life. I think they make a lovely couple. Exclusive scenes included.

The last interview is reserved for Angela DiMarco. She chronicles the history of Together Forever, which is the genesis of this project, exposes the personality of Robin and thoughtfully outlines her weaknesses. This clip also included a long list of exclusive scenes from the work. To go further, I invite you to visit their website: bridestobemovie.

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