Bring “Polaroid Song” back to light, a short film by Alphonse Giorgi and Yann Tivrier

Polaroid Song is a 17 minutes indie film written and directed by Alphonse Giorgi & Yann Tivrier in 2011. It tells the story of Lise Nadar (Audrey Giacomini), a 18 year old girl living in France during the twilight of USSR and Gulf War’s end. Despite her young age, Lise already has two years of experience as a photographer. Strongly influenced by the work of Bettina Rheims and Patti Smith, she aspires to live like an artist and keeps a diary. The film begins in a recording room where Lise must honor a routine contract by immortalizing a group of three friends that created a new rock band called Periodink. Their first concert will give her a formidable oportunity to come of age. Note: This is the original version of Polaroid Song with English subtitles. (HD in option)

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