Bruising for Besos (2016)

Bruising for Besos is a drama written and directed by Adelina Anthony. The film examines the character of Yoli, a charismatic Xicana lesbian living with her best friend Rani and who plunges into a queer people of color scene in Los Angeles. There she will seduce Daña, a charming Puerto Rican woman who seems to be very receptive to her personality. When their relationship becomes serious, Yoli is facing her old demons again as she’s trying to understand her own bahaviour and get rid of her penchant for domestic violence. Bruising for Besos intelligently explores the psychology of two women embarked in an abusive relationship. The scenario is a mixture of love, sulphur and melancholy. Yoli and Daña are portrayed by Adelina Anthony and Caro Zeller. Note: the film was featured at Outfest and is currently in its festival tour. You can ask all your questions about this movie on their official facebook page. You can also read more informations and find future screening news there.

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  1. Teresa says:

    For me, as a lesbian Chicana, there is and never has been a film like this one. When I saw it at Outfest, I couldn’t even speak afterwards. I was in tears, both from the drama and joy of the story, but equally, because someone had finally put us on the screen like this. I LOVE this film and will be going again to the next screening at Long Beach., Anyone who wants to watch an original and groundbreaking movie will not be disappointed. I never had a chance to catch Adelina’s solo shows, but I’m thankful I discovered her artistry in this art film.

  2. Linda W. says:

    I’m not Chicana or a person of color. But my wife and I aw it at Frameline. Very touched. Highly original. Breathtaking moments and just bold in its artistic approach. Wish more artists took these kinds of risks. We will be following this director.

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