Butterfly (2004) lesbian movie

Butterfly, also known as Hu die, is a chinese drama written by Xue Chen and directed by Yan Yan Mak. The film follows Flavia, a married high school teacher, who meets a free-spirited female singer-songwriter named Yip (Tian Yuan) and strikes up a relationship with the younger girl. Flavia is a closeted lesbian who was brought up in a society where homosexuality was not accepted. When Flavia was a teenager, she fell in love with a girl in her class, but was forced to end the relationship when it was discovered by her parents. Heartbroken, she eventually married a competent and caring businessman after graduating from university. Now in her 30s and married with a child, she meets Yip. Flavia is deeply attracted to Yip’s carefree personality and bright spirit, and falls for Yip in the same way she fell for her first love in high school. She slowly dares to break out while worried about the consequences but at the same time, hopeful about finding her true self again.. Flavia and Yip are portrayed by Josie Ho and Tian Yuan.

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