BWU, a song by Tegan and Sara

With all due respect to the legalization of gay weddings and the long battle that preceded marriage equality in the United States of America; Tegan and Sara just signed an interesting single which recalls us that love can also find its way out of the institution. Under the appearance of an apology for engagement, BWU actually exposes another meaning of the word which does not borrow the idea of a traditional ceremony. By offering an empty box which should contain a ring to strangers, Sara is in fact trying to find a partner on the same wavelength. The clip is cute, symbolic and respectful of an alternative vision of commitment. I invite you to read Maddie’s point of view about the song BWU on Autostraddle. The video was directed by Clea Duvall and featuring Ginger Gonzaga, Luka Jones and Frankie Shaw. The single is part of their last album called Love You to Death.

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