Camp Belvidere, a short film by Astrid Ovalles

Astrid Ovalles has recently shared her famous short film online. Her work was premiered on YouTube Saturday, February 9th. Camp Belvidere is a lesbian romance set in the 1950s about the private life of Camp Leader Rose and her forbidden encounter with Nurse Gin. It depicts the journey and evolution of a friendship into a romance between two women when their rapport would have been unlikely. The movie was written and directed by Astrid Ovalles and Oriana Oppice (co-director). Camp Belvidere was an official selection at the Roze Filmdagen Film Festival in Amsterdam, Dyke Drama Film Festival in Australia, the New Filmmakers festival in New York City, Reeling LGBT festival in Chicago, the Barcelona International LGTIB festival, London Lesbian Film festival of Ontario, Canada, and the Women’s Independent Film Festival in California. You can support Recluse Film by buying the DVD at Gin and Rose are portrayed by Astrid Ovalles and Molly Way. Update: a new link to vimeo has been added.

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  1. Manisha Gupta says:

    Will you please upload this movie in hindi version.. please it is my request.

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