Cat Skin (2016) lesbian film

Cat skin is a romance written and directed by Daniel Grasskamp. Here is a synopsis: 17 year old Cat is a shy and troubled photography student at college in a small coastal town. Her life is illuminated when her voyeuristic nature behind the camera lens sparks a chance encounter with a beautiful music student called April. Their relationship blossoms while circumstances threaten to keep them apart. April’s mother Sally struggles to come to terms with her daughter’s involvement with Cat, whilst April’s former lover, Steven, is unable to deal with rejection. Spiralling tension will lead to tragic events that will impact the lives of both Cat and April.

4 Responses

  1. shweth says:

    Waw that’s nice…I love Faye Sewell

  2. Ks says:

    Where can I watch this movie

  3. kate says:

    I want to see cat skin. It seems very nice film

  4. Lene says:

    HI Emma
    Thanks for sharing all those beautiful stuff with Us
    Lesbo around the world
    Especially Asia country which have very limited resources

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