Citizen Jane, a short film by Cari Green

Citizen Jane is a dramatic short movie based on a true story. The film was written and directed by veteran documentary filmmaker Cari Green. The scenario follows Private Jane Cross during her military service in Canadian Forces Base, 1987. During her training, Jane’s ability and charm attract the attention of Master Corporal Maryann Kirk. As the two women begin a perilous relationship, the military police continues its routine war against soldiers suspected of engaging in “immoral conduct” by sercretly spying on its recruits. Jane and Maryann try to be careful and inconspicuous but will it be enough to preserve their careers ? The film is a touching testimony and a shattering critique of conservatism at work in the Canadian army until 1992, the year when ban on homosexuals was lifted. The protagonists are portrayed by Tirra Dent and Alison Wandzura.

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  1. Janet says:

    Yes, I can relate to this story, as I was in the RAAF Royal Australian Air Force and was investigated for homosexuality. We were interrogated for 11 hours no breaks, followed everywhere, sitting outside our bedroom window (our private residence) such a gross infringement of our civil liabilities. Then the officer in charge of the investigation sexually assaulted me and was charged with attempted rape. Go figure.

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