Clarke and Niylah from The 100

The american post-apocalyptic drama television series called “The 100” keeps its promises by featuring Clarke and Niylah attracted to each other in the first episode of the third season. This new year will probably be awesome, the scenario seem to be way more focus on the lesbian characters of the show. I recommend you to watch this series without any hesitation, you will probably like it as much as the second season. Clarke and Niylah are portrayed by Eliza Taylor and Jessica Harmon. This clip is a fanmade from Wanheda, the first stream that occured january 21 on CWTV. If you live in USA, you can follow the episodes online. Just enjoy the video.

2 Responses

  1. CLEXA says:

    Nooo, i want CLEXA ♥

  2. OrianaHierro says:

    It’s more like Clarke and Lexa <3 Watch episode 7 from season 3 !

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