With closed eyes (Ad occhi chiusi) lesbian short film by Giorgia Pinto & Lisa Riccardi

Ad occhi chiusi, usually translated by “with closed eyes”, is an auteur film written and directed by an italian filmmakers duo composed of Giorgia Pinto & Lisa Riccardi. It tells the story of Sara, an eighteen-year-old girl with blacks eyes and a real talent for basketball. At her side is Genevra, a sixteen year old girl with blue eyes, a timid by nature, and a mind full of dream. Sara and Genevra met by chance on the outskirts of Rome in midsummer. Since the, they are inseparable. The scenario is told from the perspective of Sara. As narrator, she explains us how Geneva forced her to initiate an introspection and finally remove her Don Juan’s mask. The movie Ad occhi chiusi is a free adaptation of an eponym novel written by Gianrico Carofiglio and published in 2003. The protagonists are potrayed by Liliana Fiorelli, Aurora Ruffino, Corrado Oddi and Laura Recagno. Note: you can activate the HD in options.

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