Dance classes & same sex competitions (requested post) Fantasy couples

So, this post is dedicated to Hélène, a friend of mine who asked me to share my favourites dance videos here because she needs motivation and inspiration for her competition in Madrid this summer. For those who are not familiar with such events, I will try to do my best and source all the videos that I have chosen to create my playlist. Most of the clips you will watch are from random students of Sara Lopez, a well known Kizomba dancer who teaches her passion via workshops & classes all around the world. I also added movies from Queer Tango which held a dance festival in Saint Petersburg Russia; you will also find some amateurs films from Sydney’s Best Social Dancer which annually organizes a same sex competition of Salsa & Bachata in addition to their regular show. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. Remember, it is a playlist of 14 dance classes clips and amateur competitions ordered randomly!

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  1. Dennis kaaihue says:

    It does not seems like the tango, There are alot of sharp and focus moves. Two women dancing is romantic but it takes away the tango feeling

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