DanHana, official music video by Kan Cho

DanHana is a sapphic song part of Kan Cho Project Album 4. As the title suggest, this aesthetic work is following the couple’s life of Kim Dan and Lee Hana. I have the impression that one of them is a tatoo artist living in Seoul, I say it with all necessary precautions because Korean is clearly not my native language. The clip does not really tell a story but simply capture the love and chemistry between the two girls, while they spend some time together. The atmosphere is intimate, calm and relaxing, modelled on the everyday life of a lesbian couple in the capital. DanHana was directed by Kim Jaehyeonn, with the help of Kim Doyun, Jang Wonjin, So Sanghoon, Kim Jaehyeon and  Kim Minsoo. Thanks to Diditworks for sharing this piece online.

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