De tus ojos, a sapphic song by Vanesa Martín

Vanesa Martín is a spanish singer and songwriter with a pop rock style. She released her debut album, Aqua, in 2005. With a unique style that blends classical Latin sounds with a distinctive pop sonic aesthetic, Martin has managed to latch onto a unique musical niche and attract a fairly large fan base in the process. Vanesa achieved great popularity in the Spanish-speaking world with pop songs like “Casi te Rozo,” “Sin Saber Por Qué” and “Complicidad.” In 2015, she was one of the professional singers aiming to uncover undiscovered musical talent on the show Hit – La Canción. De tus ojos is her latest single, and the video clip – directed by Carlos Jean – features a love story between two women portrayed by Vanesa Martín and Adriana Ugarte.

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