Dinah Shore Weekend (2019 edition) Official promo

Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, popularly known as “The Dinah”, is a five-day weekend getaway and music festival catering to the lesbian community that takes place annually in Palm Springs, California, United States. It is considered the largest lesbian event in the United States and the world. Held each spring, the event offers a series of pool parties, night entertainment, live concerts by Top Ten Billboard recording artists, comedy shows, sport-games and social networking opportunities. Primarily catering to the lesbian demographics, The Dinah celebrates the tapestry of women around the world, attracting some 10,000-plus participants from countries such as Australia, Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, China, South Africa, Belgium and Spain. Over the years, it has gradually rallied the corporate support of market leaders such as Miller Beer, MTV/LOGO Networks, here! TV, Sirius Radio, Showtime, O.B. Tampons, Shake Weight and Bacardi among others. This clip is the official 2019 edition promo.

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