Djuna Barnes – Nuits magnétiques (French podcast)

A french documentary by Françoise Werner, Pierre Mine and Paméla Doussaud (aired for the first time on the radio “France Culture” in November 1983); with Michèle Causse and Berthe Cleyrergue as guest. Djuna Barnes, “the lesbian writer who rejected lesbianism“, was an American writer and artist best known for her novel Nightwood, a cult classic of lesbian fiction and an important work of modernist literature. In 1921, a lucrative commission with McCall’s magazine took Barnes to Paris, where she lived for the next ten years. In this period she published A Book, a collection of poetry, plays, and short stories, which was later reissued, with the addition of three stories, as A Night Among the Horses, Ladies Almanack, and Ryder. This documentary recontextualize her work within the Parisian literrary scene, and dismantle the controversy surrounding her iconic figure. Thank you very much Mélissa, if you guys could send me the BBC podcast from Woman’s Hour, that would be wonderful.

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