Dream Dancer, a lesbian short film by Alicia Zett

Dream Dancer, also known as Traumtänzerin, is a german lesbian-themed short film written by Alicia Zett. The film is loosely inspired by an eponym book she wrote. Here is a statement made by the artist: “In autumn 2018, I made my Bachelor film with a wonderful team. One year and a half later, I can now publish it on Youtube! ♥ Please note: This is not the film version of my book, see it more as a short story delving into Charlie’s and Viky’s life. You will recognize some things, the characters in particular have not changed, but I just had to rewrite some of them, because a short film works differently than a feature film, and a feature film would have been different from a 400 page novel. So I hope you enjoy Traumtänzerin the way it is and don’t be sad if certain storylines or people don’t appear”. Saturday in the morning was released the next day.

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