Elettra and Daniela from Gran Hermano VIP 5

The fifth season of Gran Hermano VIP will take place on Telecinco from January 8, 2017 to April 2017. The first week offered us several enticing interactions between Elettra Lamborghini, the 22 years old granddaughter of Ferruccio, who participated in MTV Super Shore, and Daniela Blume, a 31 years old sexologist, radio host and former exotic dancer/stripper at El Bagdad de Barcelona. As most programs of this kind, the participants are chosen for their sulphurous past, which gives material to the gossip columnists, so you are warned! That being said, the romantic friendship of Elettra and Daniela seems to be sincere, and their characters turn out to be much more charming than expected. Daniela’ seductive nature makes her particularly attractive to my eyes. She is interested in Elettra from the first days and made it clear to everyone in the house. Unfortunately, Elettra seems to look at her more like a friend than anything else, but it’s only the beginning. You can embark on this ship via this L chat thread, by following the right people on twitter, or by scanning the news attached to the spanish hashtag #vipdirecto. Here are a few shippers to thank: BlumeGH / MariaGHJerez / ScandalGHCaserioShore.

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