En vrac (8) – the gayest things we’ve seen this week

A list of lesbian-themed short films, sapphic webseries, trailers and other interesting queer stuff we found this week on the gayest part of the internet, and that might interest you.

You is a lesbian-themed short film written & directed by Nichole Ruiz. Kristen is a photographer who is opening her first ever gallery show. Her girlfriend, Samantha and all her friends are there. Everything was going as planned until her parents randomly showed up in a room full of queer art. Ignorant of their daughter’s sexuality, they slowly unveil the truth about Kristen and decide to confront her. Kristen is then caught in a choatic turmoil between her loyalty to her parents and her love for Samantha, while trying to hold her composure for the other guests in her gallery, which eventually triggers her anxiety. How will she hold up?

The Fortnight is a lesbian-themed webseries created by Cory Xenos. Peyton, a thirty-something screenwriter, heads to a cabin to cure her writer’s block. She inadvertently ends up rooming with her former love that broke her heart ten years prior. Chaos ensues. Peyton learns how far she has and hasn’t come in ten years while leaning on her closest friends/chosen family.

When I See You is a lesbian-themed short film co-directed by Claudia Carino & James Ramsay. Tired of putting her girlfriend ahead of her dance career, Kira accepts an opportunity to be a dancer in New York City. But when her girlfriend, Bea, unexpectedly opposes the change, Kira must hastily choose between her relationship or her career. Resentment and loyalty collide as Kira and Bea discover what they’re willing to sacrifice for their careers and not for each other. The film is ultimately an exploration of unfinished love, and it shows what can happen when you run into the one person you walked away from.

Functional is a Latinx webseries created by a group of friends interested in enhancing the Qpoc representation online. It revolves around Jazmyne and Guillermo, two best friends who are trying to get their life together. The story focuses on members of the LGBTQ+ and Latinx community following the ups and downs of today’s modern world.

El Contacto Cero is a spanish lesbian-themed webseries written and directed by Andra Guzmán Aguilar. The story follows the life of three women who love women. Ana is 34 years old, she is from Málaga but she has lived in Madrid for 13 years. She came in the city to study audiovisuals. Álex is 30 years old, she is from Madrid but now live in Paris. After two years of relationship with Ana, she left without giving much explanation. Although they have not spoken to each other for more than a year, she constantly tries to get in touch with her ex. Lucía is 26 years old, she has been living in Madrid for less than a year. She is from Barcelona where she studied Art Direction. She moved to Madrid to find better job opportunities. She met Ana on Tinder. She was only looking for friendship according to her profile, but she’ll find something else.

Queer·ious is an American webseries created by Lex. It portrays the lives of a lesbian group of friends as they explore love, dating, secrets and betrayal while living in Los Angeles.

Tough Love is the trailer of an upcoming bisexual-themed webseries directed by James Mackenzie. It explores the queerness of Nikki, who is committed to finding a unicorn, someone who she’s madly attracted to, understands her approach to sexuality, and is actually a good person. But it’s not going to be easy. The series stars Malerie Grady as Nikki.

What Does it Feel Like to Fall in Love? is a lesbian-themed short film written and directed by Alexandra Swarens. This is ultimately a love story between two young women. It was shared by Violet Wave Productions, a production company whose mission is to have queer representation expanded, starting with their own content.

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