En vrac, the gayest things I’ve seen today

Today, I don’t really know what to talk about. After reading two or three new articles about The Good Fight, watching some fanmade videos around Supercorp and cuddling with my kitten; I am in a good mood! But nothing new has fallen under my hand and I don’t really have any inspiration to write an interesting post. So I thought to make a random playlist, without any particular subject, by gathering five of the gayest things I fell on while walking on the L side of Internet. This includes: a blooper of Almost Adults, a cute love story told by Mae and Kate Flowers, a song performed by Reyno called Fórmula, the trailer of A Million Happy Nows and a clip of Emma & Izzy ♥ Don’t even try to find a meaning to my post because there is none. I just wanted to create a playlist for the simple pleasure of sharing something before going out. Enjoy!

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