En vrac (7) – the gayest things we’ve seen this week

A list of lesbian-themed short films and interesting upcoming webseries we’ll keep an eye on.

Zabawa // The Game is a short film written and directed by Gabriela Dzięgielewska. The story revolves around two young roommates who are preparing to go to prom. Kaja ask her friend to judge her dress before the boys pick them up. Sensing the effect her sexyness has on Wiktoria, Kaja decides to flirt with her and practice kissing before leaving the room. But she awakens a deep sexual desire in Wiktoria which she did not expect, and that will really makes her blush.

A Married Woman is an upcoming lesbian webseries exploring the theme of same-sex love in India. Based on Manju Kapur’s book, this is an unconventional love story, set during the period of political unrest in the country, when two beautiful souls rise beyond religious, sexual and societal boundaries to find each other. The web series stars Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra.

Esconderijo season 3 is an upcoming Brazilian webseries created by Gabriela Dimello. It follows a group of friends dealing with the pros and the cons of not being straight in their city.

Homoscope is an upcoming French lesbian webseries created by Margot Bernard. Amane, afraid of the judgments of her traditional family, hides her homosexuality. The day her little sister tells her that she is getting married, Amane has two weeks to find a solution and keep her secret.

Dom is a short film directed by Meryl Jones Williams. The story is following Beth through a complicated day spending time with a close friend she hasn’t seen in awhile. The opening scene at a Chinese herbal medicine doctor establishes Beth in a rough spot emotionally. When she runs into Dom later, it helps her out of her head but resurfaces old emotions. They spend the day together catching up, getting sometimes troubling glimpses into each others lives now.

Gal Pals season 3 is an upcoming comedic web series about the interwoven lives of LGBT women living in LA. The third part of this award winning series is written and directed by two real life gal pals: Sarah Soderquist and Kallie Tenney. The shows stars Katie Lynn Stoddard, Skarlett Redd, Anna Wyatt, Katy Erin, Parissa Koo, and Alison Chang.

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