En vrac (3) – the gayest things we’ve seen this week

A list of upcoming works, lesbian-themed webseries, short films and other interesting things we’ve seen this week on the gay side of YouTube.

Swerve Season 3 (teaser). Starring Sharon Belle, Kat Inokai, Emily Alatalo, & Winny Clarke, Swerve tells the story of Elise, a young woman dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder, a mental health condition characterized by mood swings, instability in relationships and impulsivity. Elise’s mood swings and impulsive nature draws her to “swerve” in her path of life and change course at random. The series should be shared very soon on Skeleton Key Films.

Amanecer is a spanish short film directed by Gabriel Lucero and produced by Fernando Coello. This is a school project made at the CDMX. The study is centered around the exploration of Grammar and Syntax in filmmaking. Gabriel Lucero’s work immerses us in the intimate life of a lesbian couple portrayed by Marla Almaraz and Brenda Sánchez.

Girls Like Magic is a queer-themed webseries shared by One More Lesbian. It explores the blurring lines of the friendship between Magic, a naive people-pleasing Brit and Jamie, a hard-edged, self-sabotaging lesbian as they fall for each other in more ways than one. The series was direced by Kit Williamson and written by Julia Eringer. It stars Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera and Julia Eringer. You can find the OML playlist and all their future uploads here.

Anyone But Me: 10 Year Anniversary Special. December 8, 2008 “Anyone But Me” one of the most beloved web series launched into the world. Now, 3 Seasons and many videos later, the team is celebrating their 10 year anniversary and taking a look back with interviews with the cast and producers discussing the series history and its impact, plus some fan videos.

Killing Eve Season 2. The BBC most famous series will continue to topple the typical spy-action thriller as two fiercely intelligent women, equally obsessed with each other, go head to head in an epic game of cat and mouse. The first episode of the second season will air April 7, 2019 in America. You can find First Look photos, teasers and more gayness here.

Spark is a lesbian short film created by Caitlyn Murray. An isolated young woman experiences a series of sparks after a chance encounter with her edgy, outgoing opposite. Exploring the theme of human connection, self-discovery, and sexuality, Spark tells the story of quiet girl, Jane, and her chance encounter with an edgy mystery girl that turns her world upside down.

Bonus: And finally, a list of upcoming lesbian films (version 2019) shared by Gbloom.

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