Exes & Ohs – Lesbian TV Series

Exes & Ohs is an American and Canadian cable TV series that was launched on Logo on October 8, 2007, and Showcase in Canada. The show centres on the dating life of Jennifer (Michelle Paradise), a lesbian documentary filmmaker with a vivid fantasy life and a floundering career. Jennifer is looking for Ms. Right but must navigate the rules of lesbian dating life, most of which she learns the hard way. Her friends are there to help: Sam (Marnie Alton), a sexy commitment-phobe who flips women faster than real estate; Chris (Megan Cavanagh) and Kris (Angela Featherstone), a lesbian couple expanding both their pet accessory business and their family; and Crutch (Heather Matarazzo), a young musician who wants to be taken seriously but still has some growing up to do. The series is based on the short film The Ten Rules: A Lesbian Survival Guide, created and written by Michelle Paradise, and directed by Lee Friedlander. It is shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but is set in Seattle.

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