Fast Car – Jonas Blue feat. Dakota, a dance video by Leah Maurizio

Penthouse Oblivion recently shared a dance video shot in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The choreography relies on the rhythm of Fast Car, an electro remix of Tracy Chapman’ single made by Jonas Blue feat. Dakota. The dancers featured in this work are Leah Maurizio (who is also the director) & Corrie Wyse. The camera operator and editor is Sean Quinlan. The original song is a tale dealing with endemic poverty. The female narrator tells the story of her life, which began by the divorce of her parents, forcing her to leave school to take care of her mother. When she decides to leave her hometown with her companion in the hope of a better life, a similar cycle begins again. Her partner become unemployed and alcoholic, leaving his woman alone with her child while drinking with his friends. After getting a better job, Tracy accepts her life as it is. She asks her man to leave or “live and die this way”, behind the wheel of his fast car. Of Course the remix is more joyful because Jonas Blue freely revisits the text. This dance only retains the feelings of love & freedom contained in the song.

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