Denise and Marília in Felizes para Sempre

Felizes para Sempre? (“Happily Ever After” in english) is a Brazilian television mini-series directed by Fernando Meirelles and written by Euclydes Marinho. The series is set in Brasília and follows five couples from the same family. Dionisio and Norma Drummond met in 1968 amidst an anti-Brazilian military dictatorship demonstration. He was a military police officer and she was a sociology student. Despite both being in opposite political sides, they fell in love and had three children: Claudio, Hugo and Joel. Dionisio is suffering from erectile dysfunction and finds himself giving in to a past affair, Olga, who is visiting the city. Meanwhile, Norma is constantly being stalked by the much younger Guilherme, who also teaches at her university. Denise and Marília Drummond are portrayed by Paolla Oliveira and Maria Fernanda Cândido.

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