Florilège of three new webseries you probably missed

Summer holidays are often conducive to exploration and good surprises. But since all ambitious works are not always visible in the media sphere, you’ll probably need some help to unearth hidden gems. Fortunately for you, I have an interesting list of new webseries in hand thanks to our readers recommandations. Here is a triptych depicting the love life of urban women driven by the vibrant pace of lesbians circles in different metropoles. So let me invite you to a nice refreshing stroll along nightlife, queer flings & friendship and New York state of mind, seen through the eyes of That’s My DJ, NYGTV and Chapstick characters.

That’s My DJ season 2 is a webseries written and directed by Kaveh Mohebbi and D.W. Waterson. The story is following a group of friends through their nocturnal adventures from heartbeat to heartbreak. We observe them chasing dreams and highs while consuming the last days of their freedom trying to escape the monotony of everyday life in society. This work is an unapologetic look inside the new order of rave. As you will see, the aesthetics of each episode is really on point, which gives a fascinating atmosphere to the series.

New York Girls Tv season 3 is a queer-friendly web series written and directed by Amira Shaunice. It’s a scripted series that follows a group of women who tackle love, career and relationship issues.The genesis of the story was built around three charismatic characters living in brooklyn. Mysha is a confident model developing a passion for writing and acting. Born and raised in the city, she’s trying to keep a spirit consistent with her alternative views on life. Boop managed to break into the small world of entertainment and the arts. As she continues to dream about a writer’s life, she quickly become involved in dance, performing in many modern, ballet, African and Hip-Hop pieces. And finally, Jazz is a 23 year old Bronx native, a dynamic student who clearly aspires to be self-employed.

Chapstick season 1 is a queer friendly comedic webseries written and directed by Charlotte Kennett & Kearney Fagan. The scenario is about two besties, Marlo and Addy, struggling in conducting their daily lives as women deeply indulged in sapphism. In fact, they just need to find their place and approach events with less anxiety to begin enjoying life in this vast pink world. Surrealist dialogues, comical situations and cinematic allusions keep coming at incredible speed which gives a pleasant taste to all sequences of Chapstick.

In case you want to know more about these creations and stay informed on the development of their next seasons, you can find their facebook page here: That’s My DJ, New York Girls Tv and Chapstick. I hope you enjoyed this little trip. Don’t forget to share these works around you to feed the gossip, it is always beneficial to creators.

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