Focus on the character of Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is a strong female lead and an unique character from the Marvel universe. She was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. Jessica is a former super-heroine known under other pseudonyms, such as Jewel or Knightress. Firstly represented in the series Alias, Jessica is depicted as a strong woman defeated by life, who later subsequently reconstitutes her character and defeats her demons. From now on, she occupies a predominant place in the Marvel universe. The life of Jessica is totally devastated when she crosses the path of Zébédia Killgrave, better known under the nickname of the Purple Man, a super villain who mentally enslaved her for eight months. Jessica owes her release only because the latter loses interest in her and sends her to attack Daredevil. The mind numbed by her enslavement, she confuses the latter with the Red Witch and knocks her out. Jessica finally regains control of herself, realizing that the team of Wanda Maximoff, allied to the Defenders, are chasin her. Caught up, a blow from the Vision plunges her into a coma. She wakes up several months later thanks to the intervention of Jean Gray. After a period of convalescence, Nick Fury proposes to Jessica to become the coordinator of the Avengers alongside Clay Quatermain, but she refuses, traumatized by the recent events and depressed by the fact that her disappearance has barely been noticed in her entourage. She decides to break all ties with her super-heroic life. Here is a prodigious portrait of Jessica Jones created by pornado.

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