Fossils by Seasons, lesbian-themed music video

This short film is the official music video for “Fossils”, a song created by Los Angeles-based band called Seasons. The love story revolves around the missed connections between two friends that will end up together. We are invited to follow separately two young women interacting with people at a party. While Lexi naturally attracts everyone’s attention, she also creates a strong sense of interest in the heart of Summer which can not help but look at her all evening. While her thoughts are overwhelmed by the image of her crush, she finally dares to make a move by gently stroking her hand while looking into her eyes. Unfortunately, this moment of seduction ends in great confusion and Summer goes in a bar without getting what she really wanted, a kiss from Lexi. But all is not lost because now an obsessive connection is established between them. The clip is starring Summer Slim & Lexi Moeller.

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