Fragments of Love in December

This list will be written without any guiding principle. I simply want to follow the state of mind and atmosphere of some random works I recently discovered. All these creations have in common to be minimalist, far too personal to be considered outside of particular spaces and far too beautiful to be ignored or lost. I sincerely hope you will enjoy this gift.

Matilda – Apologize ft. OMVR, a music video created by Alvin Santos Tjernshaugen and Magnus Borka Kloster-Jensen, recorded in nine hours. In this four-minute clip, we follow the romance of two Norwegian girls named Ruby Dagnall and Thea Sofie Loch Naess. Their characters meet at a friend’s party before to start a fusional relationship. Their love story starts immediatly after Ruby caught the eye of Thea, they start dating then get to know each other better, they share some intimate moments but a storm disrupts the peaceful sky of their paradise.

l o v e, two lives in pictures, directed by Bea Brito: this fragmentary document immerses us into the passionate relationship of Julia & Amanda. The scenes are free, minimal, filmed without any purpose, except perhaps to capture evanescent moments and restitute them to an unknown audience. Her act is seen as throwing a bottle into the sea, hoping that someone will find and read the letter inside. Well, we found it, didn’t we? To understand the director’s intention and unveil her obsessions, just look at the content of her other short films linked above on Vimeo.

Shaping Scars, a dance short film created by Sholtay, based on a poem written by Fern Beattie: this work takes us on a journey with two dancers who once loved each other, but while one is able to embrace herself openly, and therefore their relationship, the other is struggling to step into the light and shake off her demons. They love, they hate, they are passionate, intimate, they get physical when their passion become too strong, they raise then break one another. Through dance, music and spoken word, we witness an intimate relation which was equally inspired by the creators’ bisexual experiences, making the film a very personal testament of love being universal. The poem within the piece opens with a reference to King Edward VIII who abdicated in 1936 because of a woman he adored, Wallis Simpson. This December marks the 80th anniversary of Edward abandoning the throne because of this romance.

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    Thank you all so much. I LOVE this site, and I’m crazy about Ruby Dagnall .OMG I forgot how feeling this could feel.

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