Franky & Bridget from Wentworth Season 4 (release date: 10th May)

According to weepy eyes, Franky & Bridget will have another romance in the season 4 of Wentworth. I don’t have any spoiler to give you except this fanmade trailer which leaked on facebook. The clip was released with the courtesy of SoHo TVAU. You can find the source here. The teaser really makes me want to watch the series. I think this will be a good year for this show. The first episode is coming on May 10th. Find more information on Foxtel. To watch the official traile and more previews, go on youtube. Franky and Bridget are portrayed by Nicole da Silva and Libby Tanner. If you are impatient, you can also have fun on reddit or The L Chat.

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  1. karina says:

    I notice that the most beautiful love story ever isn’t presented on the site.
    the love story of Bea and Allie on the the tv show wentworth
    the actores are Danielle Cormack and Kate Jenkinson

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