Full Out (2016) Lesbian-themed webseries

Full Out is an orginal series in five episodes written by Julie Keck and directed by Jessica King. It will be aired on Open TV in junuary 2016. Weareopen is a beta plateform, a futur project for independant arts and artists. This title reveals the intimacy of Claire, a former ballerina who’s trying to recover from a disastrous injury while fighting for her professional career. Anxious to throw her last chance away, she make her best efforts to join the Chicago dance world and finally regain her glory. Young and motivated, Claire will commit herself further to her passion and begin to explore new aspects of her sexuality. Full Out is a touching drama series addressing the subject of repressed homosexuality in a clever way. The show is featuring Kaitlyn Alexander, Nana Visitor, Kaitlin Webster and Jess Duffy. The official trailer is available on vimeo.

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