Kabul, a short film by Lauren Fritz

Kabul is the melancholic sequel of Gallina. This is the second part of a cinematographic diptych designed as a mirror reflecting the influence of a couple’s family life on their relationship. The film was written and directed by Lauren Fritz. After discovering the entourage of Chiara, we are now entering the cocoon of Marla, a young woman who has spent her life in the long, dark shadow of her mother Gloria, a famous war photojournalist. When her daughter finally begins to make a decisive move away and apart from the latter, Gloria reveals plans that threaten to drag Marla back into her dark world, a place she may never be able to escape. Like in the previous film, the evocation of an absent character weigh on all the other protagonists and lead them near a breaking point. Gloria and her partner are portrayed by Lisa Ramirez and Liam Torres. Marla and Chiara are portrayed by Carmen Zilles and Daniela Mastropietro. Try to pay close attention to details, photographs and selected background music.

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