Girl Night Stand, a short film by Jenna Laurenzo

Katie is an hesitant and lovely young woman experimenting her first sapphic adventure with a confident blonde. After a pleasant evening, the two girls find themselves at the entrance of a bar, chatting about the best way to end a night which is well underway. Genuinely insecure, Katie doesn’t really know how to handle this moment and eventually surrender to the desire of her partner. Shy but excited, she barely have the time to put her cocktail on the ground before appearing in an apartment, kissed by her beautiful host. This will be the starting point of a Girl Night Stand. From a random encounter seemingly slight, intense and ephemeral will born something more consistent. Jenna Laurenzo wrote an interesting story showing the confluent aspect of love in a tenacious lesbian short film. The choice of Meryl Jones Williams is attributable to its success. Girl Night Stand is a prelude to the feature film called Lez Bomb. You can find out more about this project selected for Big Vision Empty Wallet’s Kickstart Diversity Program on their official website. Big Vision Creative should endorse its production.

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  1. julia says:

    je ne sais pas qui tu es mais merci du fond du coeur de poster toutes ces jolies vidéos, tu as refait ma soirée !

    plein d’amour d’une jeune bordelaise.

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