Girl/Girl Scene (2010-2012) Lesbian Webseries

Tucky Williams, the show’s creator and scriptwriter, plays Evan, the soft-butch, throaty-voiced, tie-wearing, swaggering womanizer. Joe Elswick plays the 16-year-old Jessie – the newly realized lesbian. Kate Moody plays Zoë, Evan’s best friend, with a well-balanced mixture of insanely neurotic and insanely great comedic timing; Zoë is getting over a bad psychotic ex and does meditation and yoga to counterbalance all that negativity. From problematic ex-girlfriends to new relationships, old friendships, long nights of partying, one-night stands and more, these girls lead exciting and drama-filled lives. These four lesbians break the conventional rules and their stories end up intertwined and the drama unfolds. You can find more info here.

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